Traumatic experiences and contact (ENG)

Stress is a word that everybody knows, whether or not out of their own experiences, And we know the word trauma from stories or articles in the media.

Objectives and content
As a volunteer you may support someone who suffers from bad experiences. For example someone who fled his or her country due to war, Or someone who has been attacked due to his or her sexual orientation. Or a woman who experiences drinking issues due to being abused as a child. PTSS is a common term, including the words Stress and Trauma.

In this training we investigate the meaning and consequences of trauma on somenones life. We especially want to emphasize that you don’t have to be a professional to be of help for someone with traumatic espericences. With a specific contactmodel we hand you a tool that can tribute to being in ‘good’ contact with the other. We will practise with this model.

The training will be guided by Lidie Nonnekes, an experience expert trainer and Herman Pasveer, a trainer with experience.

For whom?
All volunteers who successfully completed the basic training supportive volunteering and who are interested in the subject of psychiatry and contact.

Time investment
3 hours

Study material
Here is a link to a digital information folder made by De Rainbow Group for their volunteers. Of course, this folder is just as valuable for other volunteers as well.

Number of participants
The course can accommodate up to a maximum of 12 participants.

Certificate of attendance

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