Basic training for buddies

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In this basic training you will work on the most important skills for good contact: distance and proximity, communication skills, motivating others, guarding boundaries and giving and receiving feedback.

These important skills will help you make good (one-on-one) contact with the people whom you support as volunteer. Also your personal effectiveness, the role and position as a volunteer and the cooperation with your (volunteer)organisation will be discussed.

Objectives and content
In three sessions experienced trainers discuss various subjects, such as:

  • Role and position as a volunteer
  • Distance and proximity
  • Conversation skills
  • Guarding boundaries
  • Giving and receiving feedback

In the training you practise what you have just learned. Also, some small homework assignments will be given.

For whom?
This training is intended for new buddies or volunteers (of our partnerorganisations) who will support an other.

Time investment
10 hours (including homework).

Study material
You will receive a workbook per email before the start of the training.

Number of participants
The course can accommodate up to 12 participants (with a minimum of 6).

Certificate of attendance

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