Non-violent communication, part 2 (NL/ENG)

Deze training is tweetalig; zowel Nederlands- als Engelstalige vrijwilligers kunnen meedoen.

This training is bilingual; English and Dutch speaking volunteers can participate.

If you want deepen your knowledge and improve your skills of non-violent communication (NVC), this training is suited for you.

Objective and contents
This training is based on the non-violent communcation model of M. Rozenberg. In this second level (experienced) training we will focus more extensively on this communication method. Trainer Andrea Vogelsanger is internationaal certified NVC.

You learn more about your awareness, your compassion and your empathy for others and/or the situation. By enhancing your insight and skills in communication you learn to cope well with differences. It is an interactive training in which you work with your own practical experience.

For whom?
This training is intended for buddies en volunteers who have followed Non-Violent Communication. part 1 and want to extend and deepen their knowledge and skills of non violent communication.

Time investment
6 hours

Study material
You will receive a handout in advance, per mail.

Number of places
The course can accommodate up to maximum 12 participants.

Certificate of attendance