Psychiatry and contact: stigma

Maybe your buddy tells you (s)he has a ‘psychiatric diagnosis’. It is very well possible that you did not notice this, at all or only just a bit. Or, to the contrary, it may very well justify your experiences in your contact with your buddy.

Objectives and content
During this evening we will explore the meaning of a (psychiatric) diagnosis in the contact with the other. And the role of stigma in this contact. You will be handed a contactmodel that will help you gain insight in the contact with your buddy.

We ask you to bring an example from practice, preferably one with which you struggle a bit. Together we will investigate the brought in examples with our contactmodel.

The training will be guided by Lidie Nonnekes, an experience expert trainer and Herman Pasveer, a trainer with experience.

For whom?
All volunteers who successfully completed the basic training supportive volunteering and who are interested in the subject of psychiatry and contact.

Time investment
3 hours

Study material
Study material will be provided to you during the training.

Number of participants
The course can accommodate up to a maximum of 12 participants.

Certificate of attendance

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