Japanese Ba for coaches (English) new

Let op: Deze training is inmiddels van start, inschrijven is niet meer mogelijk.

The Japanese concept of Ba is the context shared by those interacting with each other. Through such interactions, the context itself evolves to create knowledge. We are corporeal beings, in a physical environment, and are related to each other as well as to our history and culture. We usually communicate with other people through words, but we often communicate what we feel as well (through body language, tone etc.). Ba contains verbal communication (visible Ba) and emotional communication (invisible Ba). If we are aware of this field (Ba) we can consciously use it in our interaction with each other and especially when you want to build a relationship to support somebody. In this way we gain more access to the knowledge of the field.

Objectives and content
In this training we discuss and experience how we can create good Ba in order to support somebody. We learn to feel the Ba-field and how to use this to our advantage in interaction with each other. We can learn knowledge creation process by using our body and our imagination. How we feel and sense is important as well as how we think.

On the trainers
Emiko Tsuyuki is Professor in Chuo Business School, Chuo University, Tokyo Japan. M.A. in Sociology, M.Sc and Ph.D. in Knowledge Science. She is specialised in Organization theory and Organization Behavior, especially, team work and collective creativity. In May 2023 she is in The Netherlands for a week to share her knowledge. This training is part of a series she organizes together with Renate Schepen, philosopher and trainer at the Volunteer Academy.

For whom?
Anyone interested in the subject, in particular volunteers, trainees, experiential experts, caregivers, professionals, managers, officials and politicians.

Time investment
3 hours

Study material
Does not apply

Number of participants
The training can accommodate up to 12 participants.

Certificate of attendance

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