Psychiatry and contact: self-harm

The trainings Psychiatry and contact work from central themes such as depression, anxiety or like now, self-harm.

Objectives and content
There are different theories about self-harm a.k.a. self-mutilation. During this evening we will put the causes and consequences in context of contact. This will be associated with questions such as: What is self? What is harmed? And, what is their meaning for the relationship with an other, and for you as buddy?

We will also discuss the different kinds of self-harm. And that we often, even though we do not harm our bodies, also have found ways to cope with painful contactsituations. With elements of the theory of a specific contactmodel we will give you a means that can contribute to a good contact with yourself and the person dealing with self-harming. We will excercise examples and cases together.

The training will be guided by Lidie Nonnekes, an experience expert trainer and Herman Pasveer, a trainer with growing expertise in experience.

For whom?
All volunteers who successfully completed the basic training Supportive volunteering and who are interested in the subject of psychiatry and contact.

Time investment
3 hours

Study material
Study material will be provided to you during the training.

Number of participants
The course can accommodate up to a maximum of 10 participants.

Certificate of attendance

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