Psychiatry: in contact with a suicidal buddy

The trainings Psychiatry and contact work from a central theme such as depression, anxiety or like now, suicide.

In The Netherlands daily five people commit suicide. That makes 1.850 persons in a year. Yearly about 100.0000 persons do a suicide attempt. These figures are bearly comprehensible.

Objectives and content
In the training we focus on the situation that a buddy directly or indirectly indicates ‘‘I don’t want to live anymore. Life has no use’.

How do you make suicide open for discussion? And how do you ensure that your buddy does not have to endure these thoughts of death by him/herself? What can we do to prevent suicides? Guidelines and protocols can help you in these matters. As volunteer you can be of help, as volunteer you are primarily involved as individual.

During this training we address theoretical knowledge and experience expertise. Futhermore we provide a communication model that we use in communication exercises.

The training will be guided by Lidie Nonnekes, an experience expert trainer and Herman Pasveer, a trainer with expericence.

For whom?
This training is for volunteers that have followed one of our basictrainings, Supportive Volunteering or Volunteer Coaching, and have an interest in this subject.

Time investment
3 hours

Study material
Study material will be provided to you during the training.

Number of participants
The course can accommodate up to a maximum of 6 participants.

Certificate of attendance

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