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Volunteer coaching (Zoom)

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In our basic trainings we always discuss four elements – motivation and personal effectiveness, the role and position of a volunteer, basic communicative skills and setting limits. In the basic training Volunteer Coaching you also learn to discover your coaching skills in order to help support people better and to set goals together.

Objectives and content
An experienced trainer discusses various subjects, such as:

  • your motivation, position and role as a volunteer
  • the differences between a buddy and a friend or a counselor and a volunteer
  • strengthening your communication skills
  • setting limits and
  • how to be near but to too near
  • strengthening your coaching skills
  • how to deal with resistance

During the sessions we practise with what we learn. There is a small amount of homework.

For whom?
This training is intended for new English speaking volunteers of our partnerorganisations, that coach people in setting and realising their goals.
Please note: enrollment for this course takes place via your coordinator of the volunteering organisation.

Time investment
10 hours (including homework) in total

How does it work?
We work with video conferencing system Zoom. Before the training your receive instruction per mail how to install Zoom on your computer, laptop or tablet. Before each session you receive an invitation with a link to join the online training.

We start each session with a soundcheck and check in. During the training we work with exercises, sometimes with use of breakout rooms with small groups. Halfway each session there is an intermission. We end each session with a check-out.

Study material
Your will receive a handout in advance, per mail. Handy to have the handout present, during the online training, just like a pen and some paper.

Number of places
The course can accommodate up to maximum 10 participants.

Certificate of attendance

Registration through your coordinator of the related volunteering organisation.

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