Non-violent communication (English spoken)

Objective and content
There are four components to the Non-violent Communication (NVC) model, as developed by Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D. The NVC process can guide you to express how (and who) you are, or it can be used to empathically accept how someone else is.

During this level 1, basic course you will learn the 4 components of Non-violent Communication and how you can use it in your daily life and as a volunteer. It is an interactive training in which we work with our own practical experience.

For whom?
This training is intended for buddies or volunteers who work for one of our partner organisations and who are interested in this subject.

Time investment
10 hours (including homework).

Study material
Will be presented during the training session.

Number of places
The course can accommodate up to 12 participants (with a minimum of 8).

Certificate of attendance

Trainer Andrea’s reflection after the last training
I just came home from a training I gave tonight to a group of English speaking volunteers, who want to support vulnerable people living in Amsterdam. I am touched by their deep motivation due to the value of compassion, making a difference in this world. I felt and I heard that some of them came from countries with a lot of repression. Where they could not live their dreams and ideals. They came to Amsterdam with a longing; and they try to live their dreams and bring their values into actions. This touched me and gives me hope. I am grateful to live and work in this city with the opportunity to meet people who care about you and me as I also do.

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