Schrijf je in voor ‘Stress and trauma: contact heals (English spoken)’

Most of us are familiair with stress. Maybe as a volunteer you support someone who experiences a lot of stress. Or someone who has been diagnosized with a post traumatic stress disorder. A refugee maybe, who experienced terrible situations in his/her homeland. Or a homosexual who has been molested due to his/her sexual preference. Or maybe someone who drinks too much because (s)he was seriously neglected during childhood.

Objectives and content
In this training we investigate the meaning of trauma and how stress is related to it. Above all we want you to discover that you don’t have to be a professional to support someone who suffers from stress and trauma.
However knowledge can be helpful in situations; an equal contact means a lot more.
Therefore we shall introduce you to a contactmodel, which can be a useful tool to establish a helpful and satisfying contact. And of course we are going to practice with it.

The trainers this evening are Lidie Nonnekes and Herman Paveer.
Lidie is an experienced expert and Herman is a trainer with experiences.

Let our experiences meet!

For whom?
All volunteers who successfully completed the basic training supportive volunteering and who are interested in the subject of psychiatry and contact.

Time investment
3 hours

Study material
Will be handed to you during the training

Number of participants
Minimum is 8 and maximum is 14

Certificate of attendance


Deze training is al begonnen of heeft al plaatsgevonden. Aanmelden voor deze training is daarom niet meer mogelijk.

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