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zaterdag 14 december 2019

Collective energy of life is a vital force. Read the column from our ambassador Franckx van Tilbeurgh, a beautiful invitation to the masterclass Masterclass African values and supporting people on February 4th.

Collective energy of life is a vital force

I feel confident that a depression disturbs the connection between a human and its utterly world. From God to sub-God, to ancestors, to human, to the whole nature. This hierarchical regulation of the universe causes care for the mutual connection. The thought social life is characterized by that idea and always is part of the human interaction.

However, here we often think depression is a individual problem. The word depression does not exist in African culture at all. Symptoms of a depression are feeling despondent, set apart and losing interest in things. How do we heal a depression?

In Western conception by taking medicine and/of conservations with a therapist who is bound to secrecy. In African context an all-embracing holistic publicly process will lead to restore the disturbed alliance between a person and its community. As you might see a person and its community closely are bound up. How do you look at yourself? Your mental attitudes are the correct stipulations to have a positive relation (friendliness, compassion, toleration, care of others). Community life is the footing, because everything emanates on that. It forms you to the person you are.

In this Masterclass facilitated by Renate Schepen we will explore how we can care for
ourselves and others. Pius Mosima, philosopher from Cameroon where he teaches at the University of Bameda is the Master. He is specialized in African and Intercultural philosophy.
The Masterclass African values and supporting people will be held on February 4, 2020. Please surf to the website of the Vrijwilligersacademie Amsterdam and enlist, so you will take part of this amazing Masterclass.

Special thanks to my beloved son Florian and my eldest and best friend Jürgen who have helped me to write this column.

Yours sincerely,

Franckx van Tilbeurgh
Ambassador for the Vrijwilligersacademie Amsterdam


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