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donderdag 25 februari 2021

Masterclass Language of trust

Jürgen Peter and I differ from each other. Contrary to that as from the first day we have met in Berlin we started to build up a lifelong friendship. How did we do it? What is the result of our efforts?

by Franckx van Tilbeurgh and Jürgen Peter Schmidt

From the first day we have met at grammar school we started to build up a lifelong friendship.
A friendship completely based on trust. Trust: the belief of willingness to believe that one can relay on the goodness, strength, ability of something.

However we come from different countries we developed our attitude of trust and had good reason to assume that our attitudes associated, because we had not one single reason to doubt about that. It never felt insecure. Even not as unforeseen situations changed and we encountered something new, strange, unpleasant or dangerous. We acquired knowledge or sight of the effort or chance. We were able to handle it by taking possession of situations we didn’t know before by using our mental and physical character traits. In this way we have learned a lot about different cultures and how to connect these different worlds.

As from the beginning Jürgen and I have met we were highly interested in all about modern society. We studied International Law, Human Rights and Democracy at Oxford University and achieved the bachelor and master degree. After our studies we have worked for Human Rights Watch in London and New York, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg and the Dutch immigration service. We never departed and have travelled all around the world to get acquainted with different cultures. Nowadays we lecture students about our experiences with ethnic minorities, especially the LGBT+ Community.

In Language of trust we explore connection between different worlds. Dorit Weintal is the Master. Dorit has been collaborating with migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, migrants with no status together with her artistic team to create an experience that can open unexpected horizons of meaning. The masterclass Language of trust will be moderated by Renate Schepen. This Masterclass will be held on March 16th from 15.00 hours till 17.00 hours p.m. Further information about this masterclass can be found here.

Yours sincerely,

Franckx van Tilbeurgh
Jürgen Peter Schmidt
Ambassadors for the Vrijwilligersacademie Amsterdam
Correspondents in Gent


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