Non-violent communication (English)

Do you know what the metaphors of the giraffe and jackal stand for when we talk about connecting? With its big heart, the giraffe symbolizes openness and love and the jackal stands for all judgments and interpretations we have. Learn how to handle this in communication and contact.

Objective and contents
There are four components to the Non-violent Communication (NVC) model, as developed by Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D. This NVC process can guide you to express how (and who) you are, or it can be used to emphatically accept how someone else behaves.

During this level 1, basic course you will learn the 4 components of Non-violent Communication and how you can use it in your daily life and as a volunteer. It is an interactive training in which you work with your own practical experience.

For whom?
This training is intended for buddies en volunteers who are interested in this subject.

Time investment
600 minutes (3 times a 3 hour meeting and homework).

Study material
Will be handed out during the training session.

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